Friends of Fox - check out our mates who are at the Fox | Filter+Fox
Filter + Fox is a cafe, bar, hideout in the heart of Liverpool offering a range of food, beers and cocktails.
Friends of Fox, Friends of Filter and Fox, Fox friends
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Friends of Fox

Filter+Fox is all about the people. Our friends mean the world to us. Here are a few words about some of our favourites, the Friends of Fox. These are the folk that make us what we are.

  • Mark Delaney

    Colin Hendry, Owen Wilson, Lemeny Snicketts, Wurzel Gummage, Archer, Jimmy Hill, PInk Flamingo, a mystery wrapped in an enigma. Loves an argument.


    Chief Fox, Husband + Father of 3. Not much time for anything else. Nothing much else needed.


    Chief Fox, Lord of the dance, Captain Tash. Owner of an Awesome Chop-saw

  • Charlotte Coyle

    All in Black, All the Gin, All star

  • Laura Aspey

    #CoffeeGoth Former Rock star Laura is our resident coffee nerd, she loves a chat about v60's and Slayer. She will soon be opening her own Goth ice cream shop ``Alice Scooper``

  • Joseph Keenan

    Joe collects round pieces of plastic which he spins around a lot and listens to the sounds emitted. He looks like a Cuban dictator but he's a thoroughly nice chap

  • Maddy Trembath

    The not so quiet one, sharp knives, scouse wives, hungover lies. find her on the grills of steel.

  • Big Jack Riley

    the new one, the big Juan, The Desperate Dan, The Emre Can. Playmaker. Drinksmaker

  • Ged The Fruit

    This guy is a local hero, he brings that A game fruit whenever you need it. integral to the Filter+Fox familia. what a guy!